McCall's Quilting July/August 2016

My heart rate increased when I got the following notification: Hello Rachel, We'd like to use your quilt in the McCall's Quilting July/August 2016 issue. You'll find my quilt, Dandelions, on page 34 of this issue. It is a simple design I created in Electric Quilt (EQ) software using only two simple blocks. I know quilters sometimes struggle with fabric choices, so for my quilt, I made it easy for you- only two fabrics with some white accents. One 8" block is made from half square triangles, and the other is a simple cross block. Once I had the quilt designed in the software I did my "squinty-eye" test to get a feel of what the whole quilt would look like. Dandelions! Thank you McCall's for

Quick Methods

I'm not really fond of making half square triangles, but when I do, I use this method and chain piece. Put right sides together and draw a straight line from one corner to another. Sew 1/4” on either side of the line, cut on the line. This gives you two HSTs. I also like to use my wooden iron to help with the seams. Do you ever use one of these? This quilt has 21 of these star blocks using 16 HST. What was I thinking? I thought it might expedite the process by drawing the centerlines on a lot of blocks to give me a head start on each star block. ...and even as I don't like HSTs, especially this size, 2" finished, I love the way my Dandelion star blocks are turning out. Lesson learned: whe

Long Borders?

Long Borders - how do you measure them? Long Borders. Seems like I always have a hard time measuring for them. I use a retractable tape measure but today I thought of something very simple but very helpful. I taped the end of the borders to where the wall and floor meet. Then stretched out the borders and tape measure, and marked where I needed them to be. The scrappy border was from 18" x 4 1/2" pieces cut from fat quarters, which was about the largest I could get. It worked out great for my 95x104" king quilt. I just had to cut a tad off the end. It fit on the quilt perfectly. What other ways do you measure for borders? Usually I stretch the quilt across my machine roller and measur

From Rags to Riches

Well not actually rags to riches, but you know what I mean. Amazing that you can turn a pile like this..... ...into this I wouldn't even be confident telling anyone I crochet. I can only do the single crochet stitch. But I LOVE this rug crocheted from selvages and tiny strips of fabric. Love it! I made a knitted one a while back but I like this one so much better. It seems thicker and sturdier...but I'm gonna need some more selvages. Guess that means I need to buy more fabric. I can do that.

The Love of Her Life

Imagine being married for 73 years. In high school they met while performing in a play and married at the ages of 16 and 17, a year later. I got to know them as neighbors and fellow church members. They moved from our neighborhood to an assisted living and after some time he had a fall and passed away. Naturally, she was distraught. I offered to make her a quilt from his shirts. She couldn’t go through them herself. Just too difficult. She had a family member gather them and get them to me. Having lots of plaids and blues, I came up with this simple pattern. When the quilt was presented her, she wept. In tears she pointed out various shirts – his favorite, the one he was wearing when

Original Design Baby Quilt

I don't think I ever showed this quilt on my blog. It was a little design I put together using EQ. It was fun to make and I like it. I'll probably save it for a special baby gift. I am thinking of posting the pattern (free) for readers who are interested. I can see lots of possibilities for this little quilt in various color choices.

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