Edinburgh Square Class

Today I had the pleasure of teaching the Edinburgh Square quilt to a group of ladies from the Village Quilters guild. Thank you friends for attending! I enjoyed meeting each of you and hopefully you enjoyed the class. I am really looking forward to seeing your finished quilts. In the meantime, I thought I'd share a few quilts from the same pattern that were made by some of the quilters in our Threads of Love Quilting group. I love the creativity of some of the students -- changing the background to a dark..... ...adding contrasting binding..... ...and this one - she made the background of each square a different color that coordinates with her print. Here is the original I made that was

Hello McCall's Readers!

If you are visiting from the McCall's Quilting website - Hello! Glad you stopped by. I love to quilt, design quilt patterns, and an assortment of other hobbies - running, cooking, DIY, photography, research, and woodworking. Maybe you could describe me as a Jack of all Trades, but Master of None. I am always wanting to learn something new. If you are a regular follower of the blog you can go here to see my McCall's blog post. Following are a few more pictures of my Dandelions quilts. Enjoy! I started with the design image in EQ ...in progress... I did some really dense quilting in the blue. It made the 'flowers' pop. I was really busy last fall and winter. Dandelions is the first of

Project 2 While He's Gone Fishing

If you've been a blog follower you know my husband goes on a fishing trip about this time each year. I love to plan house projects to do while he is away. After completing the king bed project I had another small one in mind I hoped to get finished before he comes home on Saturday. One of last years projects was putting bead board wallpaper up beneath the chair rail in the dining room. I had some left over so I decided to use it to cover up the 'fake' marble (I think it is called cultured marble) tub surround in our master bath. For this project the only purchase was three pieces of small wood trim. I installed the paper and was careful to only let it activate a few seconds. I used the mi

The King Bed Reveal

It is finished. Special thanks to Ed Hart for his adaptation of Ana White's original farmhouse bed design. I had to do some adaptations of my own. I used non-mortise bed rail fasteners. If the screw holes are the right size and your lumber is straight they work great, I also used the Kreg Jig for making slanted pocket screw holes, rather than the lag bolts in Ed's design. The Kreg Jig is an incredible and inexpensive tool. Another adaptation I made was to use 2x2s for the bed rails rather than the 2x4s recommended. I didn't want to have to cut 3 1/2" openings down the length of the 2x4 for the slats to drop into the side rails. At the recommendation of a woodworker friend I used the 2x

Woodworking - A Lot Like Quilting

I think so. I recently made a king size quilt, for a king size bed we don't have. Yes, you read that right. The husband has been wanting a king size bed for years. The guy has a 6' 5" arm span and I've been elbowed numerous times in the night. On top of that, add a 15 pound cat that has to sleep with us. So I decided to build one. No, never done woodworking before. I didn't want to pay the price for the one I liked. I'm cheap like that. I found a plan by Ed Hart that was a adaptation of one by Ana White. It looked a lot like this one by Pottery Barn. Eeek! expensive! The lumber for this project cost about $200. Of course you need tools. You can do like I did - beg, borrow, or buy what

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