Summer Supper

My husband always says a colorful meal is usually a healthy meal. A friend gave us some Divine okra. We had never heard of it. It is 2-3 times bigger than regular okra and I fried it up like normal. It pretty much fell apart but wow, it was very delicious. Everything was fresh and yummy. We enjoy a little honey mustard on our cucumbers :) I made a favorite of ours Friday evening and thought I'd share the recipe. Chicken Pot Pie: Cut up chicken tenders or breasts (2-3 breasts) and cook in pan with a little olive oil, salt, pepper, and a little Italian seasoning. Spread in a pie crust over one rolled out crust. Cut up 2-3 potatoes, 2-3 stalks of celery, a few carrots, and a handful of fr

What's the big deal about 1/4" seams?

When I first started learning to piece quilts, I heard that if your 1/4" seam was not quite 1/4" you were ok as long as it was consistent throughout the seams of the quilt top. While that may be true for some quilt patterns (I'm certainly not going to spend my thoughts trying to figure out which patterns might work on that theory), I came across a perfect example to invalidate that theory. I decided to make another king size quilt for our bed. And since I am very into chain quilts these days, I chose the Irish chain pattern. The hubby's favorite color is yellow so I am using a very light yellow for the solid blocks and low volume scraps for the colors. I thought I'd whip out some of the m

New Project

Started a new quilt today. I submitted a block to Quiltmaker several months ago. Yesterday, I received the email saying my block would be in Volume 14 which goes on sale November 16th. When I submitted the block, I also submitted a quilt design made from the block. So, today I was motivated to start that quilt. It will be a bright baby quilt. Actually it was intended to be for my new grandson, until I found the Forest Friends pattern. I submitted a 12" block as requested, but Quiltmaker also suggested designing a pattern than uses the block - maybe use the block in a little different way. So I did that. I enlarged the submittal block and put it as a big focal point in the center, 24" s

How do you make your quilt labels?

I have a process I use for my quilt labels. I've tried various methods but I settled on one that seems to work best for me. I spent some time today replacing a few labels. A friend suggested that I either add an additional label or change the labels to include the magazine that published the quilt. I thought that was a great idea. I decided to change them. I like to use a fabric sew in label. I buy them in packages of 3 from Joann's and try to use a coupon. The package says "Sew-In Colorfast Fabric Sheets For Ink Jet Printers" by June Tailor. They are in a pink package :). They have always gone through my HP 5510 Photosmart wireless printer effortlessly. I usually wait until I have a

When it's too hot for anything else, you sew!

Except for being in the water, is there anything else to do on these awful hot and humid days? I tried to run yesterday and it wasn't pretty. It was mostly cloudy with a breeze but the humidity, oh my. I hate summer running. That pace, well, it was a lot of walking. After that, I took the paddle board out. Ahhh, definitely better. I went to the new Lakeshore Park, which is the park TVA created after the big Ash Spill in 2010 (?). It is super nice with lots of walking trails, a boat launch, two canoe launches, and two pedestrian bridges. Very secluded too, which I prefer when I am on the board, All that physical activity yesterday left me feeling like a slug today, So mostly, I've stayed

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