Hello from Scotland

I'm enjoying my grand babies here in Edinburgh, Scotland. The weather has been pretty good for this area - Highs in the 60's and low 70's and not much rain. They live in the old town section of Edinburgh, which is near the University where my son attends. That means old buildings with old plumbing and electrical, small rooms, and no lifts (elevators). They do have wifi, and their flat, although small, is enough for their little family. They are just a few minutes walk from The Meadows, a beautiful park. Emma and I have been there a few times to play. There are several different playgrounds for children and paved trails for walking and running, although I am not doing well with my running

Another Cover Page!

I thought they had decided not to use my Sassy Sister quilt, because I hadn't received my pre-sale-date copies of the magazine. I inquired and received this picture as a response...the magazine comes out tomorrow! My, oh my! I was thrilled. I hope you folks like it as well as I do. This was a design I worked on at the first of the year. It has a funny story and lesson learned that goes with it. I designed it in EQ and was so excited about the design I sent it off to Fons and Porter. They also liked it but asked how the blocks were sewn together. The original had black rather than the grey which made it difficult to see the seams. Before I even got their email reply, I realized It coul

He's here!

I'm a little late with the announcement, but he's here! My grandson, Haddon, has arrived. He was born on August 29th at 3:47pm and weighed in at 7 lb 13 oz. He is little brother to Emma. He has his Daddy's dimples :) I leave on Monday for a 2 1/2 week visit. Can't wait to get my hands on this little guy, and his big sister. So blessed! I'm in love...... Stay tuned because there will be some quilting blog posts coming while I am in Scotland.

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