Bear Meadow

Finished up the quilting on the hubby's Bear Meadow quilt. I think he likes it. We ended up going to Knoxville last night, and fighting the Christmas shopping traffic for a spool of thread. A spool. Just one. I used a bright green flannel for the backing and thought the one small spool would be enough. Nope. This was a pretty dense quilting pattern. I should have known it would take at least four bobbins. He doesn't make too many quilt requests, but when he saw this kit at the shop in West Yellowstone, Wyoming, he really wanted me to make it for him. Glad I did. However, one of the reasons he liked it so is because our granddaughter Emma, loves bear-bears and he knew she would like it to

Bear Quilt/Jeans Skirt

Last spring when we were on a trip to Yellowstone, I talked my husband into visiting a quilt shop in West Yellowstone. I mean you just HAVE to visit quilt shops on vacation, right? Anyway, he found a bear lap quilt kit he wanted me to make for him. It is called "Bear Meadow." I promised to do it this winter. The Irish chain quilt is going so slow, and I haven't sewn in about three weeks. This proved to be just the motivation I needed. Panel quilts go pretty fast. Got it all done, but something.....wasn't......right. There was supposed to be a flange on the top and bottom of the horizontal bear pieces. Oh well. Out came the seam ripper. It didn't take too long to correct my error. I d

Backing Fabric

How many of you like to use wide backings? I do. The husband and I made a trip to Charlotte, NC recently and on the way home I stopped at the famous Mary Jo's cloth shop. I didn't have a lot of time and I was disappointed that I didn't find the backing I was looking for to go on the big Irish Chain quilt. However, when I got home, I found it! Check out Mountain Creek Quilt Shop. Not only did they send me this Carrie Bloomston print fabric in quick turnaround, they wrapped it and sent along a free table runner pattern and a thank you card! I love hometown service! I've been crazy about newsprint fabric ever since I eyed the first piece. In other news, my grands are doing just grand. L

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