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Hey friends, check out the newest issue of McCall's Quilting here. My favorite quilt is in this issue! You can find it here.

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What do you consider a quilting challenge? I think I know what it is for me. It is one in which I can't see the end. That is what my Irish Chain has become. I've had the hardest time getting back to working on it after several weeks off. I made myself this afternoon. I've said before I am a finisher. That is the prize - a finished quilt. This one is becoming a lesson in patience, a lesson I need. Perseverance. Because I am using scraps, I have to pick the strips to make the pieced units that make up the larger block. It all takes time. Some of the strips I am using came just a wee bit wider than 2 1/2", so I'm having to trim them, I know I'll love it once it is finished. I think i

2016 is over, how'd we do?

I love the new start the beginning of a year brings. New goals, new beginnings, new adventures. I've been thinking of my 2016 goals, let's see how I did... 2016 Goals: *Create 3-4 new quilt designs (includes submitting them to magazines) Check! I created and submitted seven new designs and one block design and all were accepted. Win! *Finish the scrappy wonky star bed quilt. Boo. Nope, still don't have that motivation :( *Make a widow Remembrance quilt. No, but I am glad I didn't have any friends lose their husband this year. *Crochet some slippers or another crochet project. No, didn't do this either. *Run 500 miles. Yes, I did this. I ran 3x/week, a few 5ks, a 15k, and one half maratho

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