Emerald City

Have you ever read Fons and Porter's Quilty magazine? It is a neat publication with some new takes on old favorites along with some more modern quilt designs. I've been blessed enough to have one of my quilts in the May/June 2017 issue. On page 18 you'll find my Emerald City quilt. I love that the caption reads, "You don't need to be a wizard to make this quilt!" Ha! The pattern is a super simple log cabin design. I'm thrilled that I get to be on the same designer page with other greats like Amanda Jean Nyberg. I've been following her blog for years-- she is so creative. This makes my tenth design to get published and is something I never, in a million years, thought that I would do.

Liberty! (and justice for all...)

Hello friends. Hope you all are busy designing, sewing, quilting, or perusing Pinterest for new quilt ideas. I have a new block in the latest Quiltmaker 100 Blocks issue. Being patriotic colors, the name came easy, Liberty. Those triangles in a square were a challenge but once I found the right ruler, they were a breeze. (see an earlier blog post for the details of that.) The quilt is lap size and I thought would be good to decorate the porch on patriotic holidays.... I was not very happy with my custom quilting. I think I should be better at this by now :( but I keep telling myself, practice, hopefully, will make me better one day. Squint your eyes to see the big circles, well, I actua


The hubby and I are taking a little vacation this week. If you'd like to read more about where we are and what I did on Sunday before we left, head on over to my Family blog at rachelmhblog.blogspot.com

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