Emerald City

I posted a short piece a few weeks ago when the May/June 2017 Quilty magazine came out. Somehow I failed to get some good photos of my quilt, Emerald City, that was in this issue. The quilt is finally back home so I took it out this morning, and hung it on the wet deck for some photos. Enjoy! One thing you'll notice is in some photos it looks more blue, and in others more green. It was very cloudy when I made the first photos, I guess the reason for them looking blue. I didn't adjust the photos at all. The sun came out a bit right before these last photos. Wow, what a difference. The true color is more teal and closer to the green photos below. I used varying shades of blue and teal

Rest in Peace, Mom

She left this world and went out of our sight on May 4, 2017, yet on the same day, she approached the other side, where they were there to greet her. My mom was only 17 when she married her handsome neighbor. He, 27, had just gotten back from serving in the Army during World War II. He often told the story of returning home to find the little girl across the street had turned into a beautiful young woman. My mother was very talented. Early in the marriage she took a job at a Singer store. I believe it was in Camden, TN. She became such an accomplished seamstress that her manager let her use her work time to sew her own clothes. She demonstrated the machines as she made her own dresses.

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