Are you familiar with pantographs? They are paper patterns you follow with a laser, attached to the back side of a long arm machine. It seems most long-armers are going in the direction of computer set up patterns. I can understand why, they come out perfectly. I'm not sure I'll ever upgrade to a computerized model, but I'd sure like to get better at following pantographs. I did this pantograph, called "Marmalade" on a couple of matching quilts. It's hard! at least for me, it was. I had to keep telling myself constantly, keep your eyes an inch ahead. Amazing , how much better I'd do if I keep my eyes ahead of the laser. I also kept telling myself, it doesn't matter how much you get of

New Block and Machine Review

Hi Friends. I have a new block in Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks magazine, soon to be out for sale. As always, there are some unique and interesting blocks in the latest issue. Mine happens to be a little thing I put together using shirt scraps, called Shirt Circles. When the blocks are sewn together it does make circles, I promise. I've made the quilt, but don't know yet if they are going to use it in their Quilts From 100 Blocks magazine. I thought it might be nice for some of the more frugal readers to see how to use shirt scraps to make an interesting quilt. AND....I have a product review for you. When the hubby and I went to the Paducah quilt show, I purchased a new Janome sewing machine.

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