3D Quilt

I'm probably a little late to the game of 3D quilts. Not sure if that is what they are called, but that is my name for them. I've always thought they were so cool - you know, the bargello is one or the simple shadow quilts. I'm working on my Kwiltart.com Convex Illusions, and wow....I love it. Mine will be in these colors. This is the one on display at the Kwiltart booth at the Paducah quilt show. So fun! Can't wait to see this baby finished! Have any of you made some of these type quilts? Tell me about them. (click on the Connect tab) Rachel

King sized quilt

Last fall I was determined to get a king sized quilt made before Christmas of 2018. I purchased Kate Spain's pattern, Felicity, and ordered Moda's Basic Gray Berry Merry fabric. After completing some other commitments, I set to work on it. I don't do a lot of custom quilting, because I'm still not very good at it. I am getting better and realize the only way to get better is to practice. Since this quilt is planned to stay at our home, I went for it. I adjusted the pattern to make it bigger, and rearranged the ornaments differently than the original pattern. The holidays, hopefully, will be very merry this year, and this quilt will be part of the merriment. Thanks for stopping by! Rachel

Paducah Spring 2018 Quilt Show

This was only my second time attending a Paducah quilt show, the first being just last fall. I convinced the hubby to give up a couple of his fishing days to go with me. I think he was almost as excited as me, with having a quilt in the show. The talent exhibited at these shows in incredible. In case you weren't able to attend I'd like to share with you some of my favorites. And as required for photos taken of quilts at the show and posted online, I want to give credit to the talented artists who made them. First up is Simulated Flight, by Carol Wilczek of Oklahoma. Neat! This is Zaina's Starburst, by Qurrat Thakur, of Texas. It was a winner! The quilting.... I really love all kinds o

Off to the Quilt Show!

We are packed and ready to head to Paducah in the morning. I am excited. I got even more exited when I saw that my quilt made the AQS blog about the show. No, I didn't win anything, and of course I wasn't expecting to, given all the talent and fantastic quilts submitted, but I couldn't help but be a little excited to see my Corona on their website. If you'd like to read about the show, you can go here. In other quilting news, I finally finished all the quilting on my 2018 Christmas quilt. Whew, glad that's done. Still need to bind it. Red flannel on the back. Thanks for visiting! Rachel


If you'd like to see a great gluten free breakfast recipe and a few glimpses of Paris through the eyes of my son and his family, head on over to my family blog at https://rachelmhblog.blogspot.com. You can also see what I've been working on :) I'll be posting it here when it is finished. Thanks for stopping by! Rachel

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