A little media attention, a quilt, and some chalk painting

A few weeks ago someone from WBIR's Live at Five at Four show came to our home to interview me about visiting my granddaughter in Scotland, where she met Prince Harry. While they were here, my abundance of quilts was noticed, and she asked me if she could do an interview about me and my quilts. I agreed and it aired last Tuesday. In case you are interested you can find it at https://www.wbir.com/article/news/local/sewn-with-love-kingston-womans-quilts-help-recipients-honor-loved-ones/51-565945649 I finished my one block wonder made from the panels I purchased at Handcock's in April. I had some tension problems, but corrected it (after 2 rows!!) and continued on. I am busily working on s

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