Christmas Quilts

I wanted the "twins" dressed for Christmas, with this being the first Christmas in our new home. The twins are the vintage twin beds I found and refinished earlier this year. I'm sure I've posted about them before. This is the grandkids room although they've never spent a night here since they are still living in England. I've got my fingers crossed for next year. I used a Lella Boutique fabric line called Little Tree for both quilts. The quilt on the right is a post card pattern called Cloud 9. Super easy and quick. The other quilt uses the pattern called North Star. Not quite as easy and quick as the other, but worth the effort. I also pulled out a favorite oldie. A pattern from Bonn

Two Quilts

Finished the Remembrance Quilt. I really like the pattern I used. It is called Nova. However, you never know what it will turn out like when you use shirts. I tried to separate the shirts into lights and darks, but there were some that could have gone either way. Such strong emotions are tied to these kinds of quilts. The mother of the young man put her hand to her mouth and cried when she saw it. Which of course made me cry too. I can't imagine the pain of losing a child, no matter how old they are. I finished the first of the two lap quilts I am making for the twin beds. I thought I was going to love this pattern, but I'm just not that thrilled with it. So I decided to make different

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