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I'm really proud of the makers in our quilting community. So many are making masks. Our church quilting group is making some for the Children's hospital in Knoxville. They said they could always use more. I made several for those in my community. Here are some of the reasons people you know may need to be wearing a mask when they have to get out: - heart condition, obesity, diabetes - elderly and frail (some still have to get out to doctor's appointments such as chemo, iron injections, etc.) - X Ray technician who has no masks (already been exposed to the virus) - Pregnant doctor who works in the X Ray department (again, they have no masks) - Recent surgery (may have to get out for doct

I have another hobby

I will always love quilting. And I do have two quilts in the works, but I submitted one of the designs and the other is very similar so I can't show either yet. I can't continue the quilts until I get the fabric I ordered, so.....I've picked up a new hobby. If you want to see all the details, click on the link in the sidebar under the blog tab and that will take you to my family blog. Or you can click on this link https://rachelmhblog.blogspot.com Here's a little hint......and I am obsessed. Rachel

New Bed Quilt

My latest quilt is one I made trying to match a rug in our bedroom. I really like the pattern, by Lella Boutique, but my choice of colors, and the idea that it might look good with the rug.....well, no. Neither. But, the hubby liked it, so for now we will keep it. We have enough beds in this house to use it. Guess that is one thing I've always liked about quilting as a hobby. You have something useful even if it doesn't turn out pretty. He thought it was great. He's definitely a fan of my quilting hobby. In January I pulled a bunch of scraps to make these two little beauties. One can never go wrong with a few baby quilts on hand. One of my earlier posts also shows these. And of course

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