Ring Cycles is Finished!

I am so happy to have this one finished. It was very challenging but even with all my mistakes and flaws it still turned out beautiful. My little granddaughter has claimed this one for her own. :) Already have another project awaiting, and another couple after that. Now, just to find some more time to sew.....

For the Love of Quilting

So fun to get another quilt published. This one was made from a barn quilt block I have on my front porch. A few years ago I asked a friend (Hi Beverly!!) if she would take my design and make a small quilt block of wood. She did a great job. I still have it on my porch. I called the quilt, "Barn Burst" and you can find the pattern in the Nov/Dec 2020 Issue of Love of Quilting. I keep my block out year round. With the colors we used, it is particularly good for the Christmas Season. You can see it peeking out in a pic I took around July 4th, when I was doing a social distancing drive by quilt show. I need to do some more of that. :) I've been working on the challenging Ring Cycles quilt

Challenging Quilt

Sometimes I just enjoy a challenge. A few weeks ago I decided to start a very challenging quilt. I've done very few Y seams and am terrible at them. I'm not enough of a perfectionist to take the time to do them exact. So I started a quilt that is totally Y seams. I mean totally. Smart, huh? My thoughts were surely I can get the hang of them. I'm now at the point of putting the rows together and I can say, I still don't have the hang of them. Many are wonky, but I'm ok with that. I've learned to look at the big picture and not fret so much about the little details. I'll let you decide.....it's going to be great, right? I don't usually make my quilts for competitions, but just for the p

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