The Love of Her Life

Imagine being married for 73 years. In high school they met while performing in a play and married at the ages of 16 and 17, a year later. I got to know them as neighbors and fellow church members. They moved from our neighborhood to an assisted living and after some time he had a fall and passed away. Naturally, she was distraught. I offered to make her a quilt from his shirts. She couldn’t go through them herself. Just too difficult. She had a family member gather them and get them to me. Having lots of plaids and blues, I came up with this simple pattern. When the quilt was presented her, she wept. In tears she pointed out various shirts – his favorite, the one he was wearing when he fell, which ones he wore to church. She confided that she hadn’t been able to sleep since he died, but she felt like the quilt would substitute for his arms to hold and comfort her. Later she told me the night she received the quilt she slept soundly for the first time in the weeks since his passing. This was when I really understood the impact a quilt can make to someone.

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