Woodworking - A Lot Like Quilting


I think so. I recently made a king size quilt, for a king size bed we don't have. Yes, you read that right. The husband has been wanting a king size bed for years. The guy has a 6' 5" arm span and I've been elbowed numerous times in the night. On top of that, add a 15 pound cat that has to sleep with us. So I decided to build one. No, never done woodworking before. I didn't want to pay the price for the one I liked. I'm cheap like that.

I found a plan by Ed Hart that was a adaptation of one by Ana White. It looked a lot like this one by Pottery Barn. Eeek! expensive! The lumber for this project cost about $200. Of course you need tools. You can do like I did - beg, borrow, or buy what you need.

Measure twice, cut once. After three hours of sawing, about three hours of sanding, and another 2-3 hours of actually putting pieces together, here is the progress.

Those panels will be the headboard. I need to borrow some more clamps. Then, after all that bending and lifting, I needed this... :/

Stay tuned for the finish.

Woodworking is like quilting. Sawing = cutting fabric, nailing/fastening = sewing, etc. Seriously, I think quilt making has given me an edge on woodworking.


The bed is made. I still can't believe it, first - that I actually attempted this, and second - that I actually did it. It wasn't without some hiccups. I am so thankful that I have a former co-worker/friend who is a wood worker. His wife allowed him to be available to answer my questions, which were many. I learned to fill cracks and holes with wood putty, how to use a matchstick and glue to fill a hole that is too big for your screws, and install non-mortise bed rail fasteners (probably like you, I had no idea what that was either), and used a Kreg jig (another new word for me!).

At the advice of my friend, I used this little tool to make pocket holes for the screws that join the headboard and footboard to the posts. Kreg makes these little wooden pieces you put in the holes with some glue and then you can sand them down flat to paint.

It is not perfect and has some flaws, but it is level and strong as a rock.

I do some kind of home project every year at this time while the hubby is on his annual fishing trip.

I even got the mess cleaned up; the mess I made in his already messy boat garage.

My first attempt at woodworking is kind of like when I first started quilting. I made mistakes and didn't even know I made mistakes. I'll bet there are some of those in this project too.

There will be a final update when I get it painted. Hope you enjoy this project!

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