Project 2 While He's Gone Fishing

If you've been a blog follower you know my husband goes on a fishing trip about this time each year. I love to plan house projects to do while he is away. After completing the king bed project I had another small one in mind I hoped to get finished before he comes home on Saturday.

One of last years projects was putting bead board wallpaper up beneath the chair rail in the dining room. I had some left over so I decided to use it to cover up the 'fake' marble (I think it is called cultured marble) tub surround in our master bath. For this project the only purchase was three pieces of small wood trim. I installed the paper and was careful to only let it activate a few seconds.

I used the miter saw to cut the angled corners of the trim, glued them to the bead board/marble surface with silicone liquid nails. I let the wall paper dry 24 hours, and liquid nails another 24 hours, then I caulked and painted the paper and trim white like the existing trim in our house.

I think it is a big improvement and a very simple and inexpensive project.

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