Scotland Revisited

My quilt Edinburgh Square is named after the city where my son and his family live. I recently made another trip to Scotland for the purpose of going on a vacation with them to the Highlands. Oh the joy I had with this little one.

We saw some incredible sights. The Eilian Donan castle...

We drove around the Isle of Sky to some of the most beautiful countryside I have ever seen.

Sheep everywhere. Reminded me of the verse that says God owns the cattle on a thousand hills.

It reminded me a lot of Ireland but even prettier.

We stayed in a quaint little cottage in Skye, complete with a fireplace.

We continued the trip through winding roads to the fairy pools, although the rains prevented us from crossing the creek to see most of them.

One of the features that makes the area so beautiful is the billowy clouds.

We toured six castles in five days, including the grounds and one room of Balmoral castle, the Queen's summer home, pictured below.

We visited the field where the 1746 battle between the Jacobites and the British occurred, at Culloden.

I chased after this little one for almost an hour while they got to enjoy a guided tour. I didn't mind. :)

Then, probably my favorite, was the castle ruins of Urquhart, located on Loch Ness. Unfortunately we didn't see Nessie.

Most of the castles were built along the water's edge.

I was glad the kids asked me to come along to help with their very energetic two year old. She kept me hopping but I still was able to see some of the amazing sights of the Highlands of Scotland.

To recap -we toured Eilian Donan, Dunvegan, Armadale, Urquhart, Dunrobin, and Balmoral Castle. We also drove by Knock and Braemar Castles. Hope you've enjoyed this little tour!

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