Fancy Forest Finish

It is finished. This is such a cute pattern and can be made in all kinds of color combinations. Check out Pinterest for other ways to make this pattern. Some things I wish I'd done different - used a lighter gray background is one. Other things I really love about it - the glasses and the black and white stripe binding. The Minky or Cuddle cloth as some call it, is great for the backing, especially since the kids live in a cool environment for about 9-10 months of the year. However, it wasn't really easy to quilt. It stretched a little on one side while I was quilting it. Anyway, I do love it and hope my new little grandson will too.

I used a very small thick zig zag stitch on the glasses after fusing them on the quilt. Got to be sure little fingers won't be able to pull them off.

I used the pantograph Ebb and Flow to quilt it.

Really liked the teal color of the Minky fabric.

It was not without some issues. Did you know Minky definitely has a nap to it? I mean it has a different look depending on which direction you look at it. So, I had to piece the backing and I sewed it together where the nap didn't match. Got out the ripper.

Almost all quilts have some issues you have to work through. I think that is one of the reasons I love to make them.

If you like this pattern, check out other patterns by Elizabeth Hartman. And just so my little two year old granddaughter will have something special as well (never mind that this Mommaw has made her other quilts), I made her a pillowcase, with the Minky on the back.. She said she liked the "hedchhoag" in "geen" the best.

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