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July 14, 2016


While I was on my trip to Scotland, the hubby sent me this....

 "Open it!!"

 I was so happy to see my quilt made the cover of the Fall issue of Fons and Porter's Easy Quilts.  Now I can show you more of this quilt and how it came to be.  It started out as below.  I designed it in EQ and used fabric from my stash and brightly covered kid print scraps.

 I loved this quilt!  I have a thing for quilts that use black and white. Fons and Porter weren't fond of the thick borders and asked if I'd consider redesigning it with some up and coming fabric by Patrick Lose.  Of course, I didn't mind.

 I submitted three different color ways for the pattern, and they chose the green and blue one.  When a publisher gets your quilt, they will create the pattern themselves.  Their pattern is actually even easier than mine because rather than making the outside blocks, they did those sections as border strips.

 It really wasn't a very difficult quilt to make, even though it has some small nine patch units at 3" finished.  Strip piecing made it go pretty fast.

 I tried my hand at a new to me filler quilting technique and was pleased with the results.



 I have another quilt in this issue and to be honest was a bit disappointed that it wasn't featured as a pattern with instructions.  It showed up in the back of the issue as a free web bonus pattern. I guess I should be happy that one of them made the cover, right?  

 This was a favorite of mine when I made it last fall.


I believe this issue will be out for purchase near the end of July or first of August.




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