When it's too hot for anything else, you sew!

August 6, 2016

Except for being in the water, is there anything else to do on these awful hot and humid days?  I tried to run yesterday and it wasn't pretty. It was mostly cloudy with a breeze but the humidity, oh my.  I hate summer running. That pace, well, it was a lot of walking.


 After that, I took the paddle board out.  Ahhh, definitely better.  I went to the new Lakeshore Park, which is the park TVA created after the big Ash Spill in 2010 (?). It is super nice with lots of walking trails, a boat launch, two canoe launches, and two pedestrian bridges. Very secluded too, which I prefer when I am on the board,

All that physical activity yesterday left me feeling like a slug today, So mostly, I've stayed in because if you can't go out in this heat, you should stay in and sew, right?  Actually, I've done more thinking about sewing,  I mailed my new king size quilt off last week because, YAY!, McCall's has accepted it for publication.  The bad news -  it was the only one I had big enough for our massive bed. What's a girl to do?  Make another, of course.

 I'm thinking of doing a double Irish chain using a pale yellow for the centers and a multitude of scraps for the blocks.  The hubby's favorite color is yellow, so he voted for it.  Doing a couple of test blocks to see if that is really what I want to do before I buy the yellow yardage. 


What are you working on since it is too hot to get outside? (funny, I was just thinking there is always an excuse to sew - too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry, etc.)



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