How do you make your quilt labels?

I have a process I use for my quilt labels. I've tried various methods but I settled on one that seems to work best for me. I spent some time today replacing a few labels. A friend suggested that I either add an additional label or change the labels to include the magazine that published the quilt. I thought that was a great idea. I decided to change them.

I like to use a fabric sew in label. I buy them in packages of 3 from Joann's and try to use a coupon. The package says "Sew-In Colorfast Fabric Sheets For Ink Jet Printers" by June Tailor. They are in a pink package :). They have always gone through my HP 5510 Photosmart wireless printer effortlessly. I usually wait until I have at least two to make so I don't waste any of the fabric. Sometimes I can get three from a sheet.

I love that I can add a photo, and choose from a multitude of fonts and colors to tell the name of the quilt, the date, place, recipient, or whatever else I want to capture in the label.

After printing, I cut them down to size with the rotary cutter, peel off the backing, set the ink with an iron, fold the edges over once, and pin to my quilt. Then hand sew them on using a binding stitch.

I've tried hand writing using a permanent marker and computer printed iron on labels, but I wasn't very happy with either. One thing I need to start doing is putting the label on before the binding, so I can machine stitch two sides in with the binding, making it harder to remove. Normally though, I don't put the label on until sometime after the quilt is finished.

How do you make your quilt labels?

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