New Project

Started a new quilt today. I submitted a block to Quiltmaker several months ago. Yesterday, I received the email saying my block would be in Volume 14 which goes on sale November 16th. When I submitted the block, I also submitted a quilt design made from the block.

So, today I was motivated to start that quilt. It will be a bright baby quilt. Actually it was intended to be for my new grandson, until I found the Forest Friends pattern.

I submitted a 12" block as requested, but Quiltmaker also suggested designing a pattern than uses the block - maybe use the block in a little different way. So I did that. I enlarged the submittal block and put it as a big focal point in the center, 24" square. Then I adapted the block a bit and made several to surround the big center. I added a border with a touch of the same block. It is a fun, fast, and easy quilt.

If you like to chain piece, then you'll like this quilt. It is very repetitive. And if you are chain piecing, you can make good use of this little tool. Its a stand up thread cutter. I bought it from Amazon. It does seem to speed up the process and if you've been following me a while, you know I like fast.

So that is my quilting tip of the day! I 'd like to have this one done by next weekend. I think it is possible.

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