Hello from Scotland

I'm enjoying my grand babies here in Edinburgh, Scotland. The weather has been pretty good for this area - Highs in the 60's and low 70's and not much rain. They live in the old town section of Edinburgh, which is near the University where my son attends. That means old buildings with old plumbing and electrical, small rooms, and no lifts (elevators). They do have wifi, and their flat, although small, is enough for their little family.

They are just a few minutes walk from The Meadows, a beautiful park.

Emma and I have been there a few times to play. There are several different playgrounds for children and paved trails for walking and running, although I am not doing well with my running so far. "Mamaw, let's play catch!"

Today we went to another playground at the Meadows. It had a zip line!

Emma loved it!

Little Handsome Haddon seems to be doing very well.

I have another week here then back home. I am anxious to finish up my king sized Irish Chain quilt, then I promised my husband to make him a 'bear' quilt. Last spring we found a quilt shop in West Yellowstone, and we purchased a bear throw kit. He loves his throw sized quilts especially in the winter. What are your fall quilting plans?

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