If you only have room for one table...

Years ago I created one table that is enough for all my sewing and quilting needs. Tonight as I was doing a little sewing I thought perhaps someone would like to see it and understand why I say this table is really all you need. It isn't fancy or on trend, but it is functional and practical.

I made this table from stock items from Lowe's. Two kitchen cabinets on each side support the tabletop and provide storage. The cabinets are connected to the top using "L" brackets. The tabletop is a 36" x 72" piece of kitchen counter (formica type I believe). It has a rounded edge on the front and back side.

Lowe's will cut out a hole for you for free. I measured my little machine and measured out from the front and sides so it would be comfortable to sew. I kept the rectangle piece they cut, and mounted it underneath the top, using more L brackets. This enables the machine to sit below the top. I purchased an acrylic Janome piece (normally used on a stand to make it flush with the machine), and removed the feet so it would sit atop the table but flush with the machine.

The table top is 36" off the floor which is the perfect height for cutting (I'm 5"4"). I use a drafting type chair which goes up and down with a lever. That way I can bring my seat up to make the perfect height for sewing. So, this table doubles for both cutting and sewing. I keep a large cutting mat on top. There is plenty of room to the right of my machine for storage of rulers, books. etc. there would even be room for a smaller pressing station. Since the top is deep at 36", there is room for an Ott light.

For my feet reach the machine pedal when I am sewing, I put the pedal on top of a plastic storage container, which doubles as thread storage. When sewing together large quilts, I open the top left drawer so that it can hold some of the quilt top bulk while I sew.

Because of the slanted ceiling in my upstairs sewing room, I don't have a lot of wall space, fabric storage, nor windows, so I definitely am thinking of ways to improve my sewing space. I have seen lots of Pinterest quilt studios that have two tables - one to sew, one to cut. My table works great for both and even though it is rather large, I still think it saves space.

My hubby and I are still discussing an addition for my quilt studio because we'd like to make this into a grandkids room, and give me a little more room for sewing. It can get very hot up here in the summer. The end where I do my long arm sewing is pretty cramped. Well, lookie there, I'm up to about 40 blocks on my next big king quilt, a scrappy Irish chain.

So, what do you sew and cut on? Do you have a designated space to do your quilting?

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