Bear Quilt/Jeans Skirt

Last spring when we were on a trip to Yellowstone, I talked my husband into visiting a quilt shop in West Yellowstone. I mean you just HAVE to visit quilt shops on vacation, right? Anyway, he found a bear lap quilt kit he wanted me to make for him. It is called "Bear Meadow." I promised to do it this winter. The Irish chain quilt is going so slow, and I haven't sewn in about three weeks. This proved to be just the motivation I needed.

Panel quilts go pretty fast.

Got it all done, but something.....wasn't......right.

There was supposed to be a flange on the top and bottom of the horizontal bear pieces. Oh well. Out came the seam ripper. It didn't take too long to correct my error. I didn't want an flange (difficult to quilt around using a pantograph), so I cut off 1/2" from the top and bottom of each piece and sewed in a piece. You can hardly tell the difference, because the print had a border on it already. I just replaced it.

Not really sure if it was even worth the trouble. I found a pantograph I think will work nicely for the quilting.

Now about that skirt. A while back I tried to make a denim skirt from a couple of old pair of jeans. My machine didn't do so well on the seams but I thought I'd probably still wear it. Well.....I found an Etsy shop that makes them reasonably priced and ordered one. It came today, and I could not be more pleased! I will definitely be wearing it a lot. I think the one I tried to make will go in the thrift store box :)

Isn't this just the cutest? Jeans weight denim skirts are so warm too. It will be perfect for winter. Mrs. Delarosa does incredible work. Check out her Etsy shop at CustomJeansSkirts.

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