2016 is over, how'd we do?

I love the new start the beginning of a year brings. New goals, new beginnings, new adventures. I've been thinking of my 2016 goals, let's see how I did...

2016 Goals:

*Create 3-4 new quilt designs (includes submitting them to magazines) Check! I created and submitted seven new designs and one block design and all were accepted. Win!

*Finish the scrappy wonky star bed quilt. Boo. Nope, still don't have that motivation :(

*Make a widow Remembrance quilt. No, but I am glad I didn't have any friends lose their husband this year.

*Crochet some slippers or another crochet project. No, didn't do this either.

*Run 500 miles. Yes, I did this. I ran 3x/week, a few 5ks, a 15k, and one half marathon. Basically maintained my weight and sustained no injuries. Win!

* Read the bible through. Check. I've done this the last few years.

* Read at least three book club books. Did bad on this one. Didn't read one, nor attend any meetings.

* Vacation with husband. Yes. We went to Jackson Hole, Wyoming in the spring.

* Visit the kids in Edinburgh. Yes sir. Traveled over there in June to go to the Highlands with them and again in September when my little grandson was born.

* Do an outside project. Check, I made the screened porch privacy screens but my best project of the year was our farmhouse style king size bed I built while the hubby was gone on his annual fishing trip.

I had a few more goals for 2016 -- live intentionally, be kinder, try to put myself in other's shoes, and age gracefully. These are a little harder to judge. I hope I did these things. I am just glad that I don't have to meet certain criteria and perform to be loved and valued by my heavenly father. Jesus took care of that for this sinner. I do want to be a better person, learn more, and do more, Learning more and doing more come pretty easy, it's that "better person" that really takes work.

So, how'd you do in 2016 and what's up for 2017? I have some ideas but haven't put them on paper yet. What are your thoughts on the new year? What projects to do want to complete? Send me an email (I'd love to chat with you) or respond on the first page of the blog tab (by the way, improving the website is on my list for 2017).


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