Triangle in a square

My desire is to share all the great things I've learned about quilting on this blog, but this situation has really stumped me. I want to make a triangle in a square on a 4" finished unit. I've ruined a lot of my fabric trying to work this out. I don't want to foundation piece it.

The 60 degree ruler just doesn't work for a triangle in a square, if you want the side points to be precise. The points hit too high on the side blocks. All sides of the triangle are equal using 60 degrees. I ordered a Tri tool ruler and I think it is going to be perfect. The bottom side should be shorter than the two vertical triangle sides. (Technically, I think this ruler is 63 degrees)

You can see the difference in the triangle cut using the 60 degree ruler and the Tri tool triangle ruler made specifically for a Triangle in a Square unit.

The ruler set even came with this ruler for the side pieces of the triangle. So now I have a lot of taking out to do.

Some of you more experienced quilters probably could have told me this. Being independent and wanting to learn on your own, definitely has its faults :) but now I am really excited about making triangle in a square units for some designs. The possibilities!!

The Tri-Rec tool set (by Darlene Zimmerman & Joy Hoffman) was about $10 on Amazon, definitely worth it! I also picked up the little 6"x8" cutting mat for small pieces (~$4 on Amazon) and so far I love it. I had a rotating mat but it was just too big to be practical. I just slid this one around without disturbing the piece I am cutting.

Notice how the little straight notch in the white piece fits along the edge of the red.

Now you can make a Triangle in a Square unit without all the problems I've had!


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