Liberty! (and justice for all...)

Hello friends. Hope you all are busy designing, sewing, quilting, or perusing Pinterest for new quilt ideas. I have a new block in the latest Quiltmaker 100 Blocks issue.

Being patriotic colors, the name came easy, Liberty.

Those triangles in a square were a challenge but once I found the right ruler, they were a breeze. (see an earlier blog post for the details of that.) The quilt is lap size and I thought would be good to decorate the porch on patriotic holidays....

I was not very happy with my custom quilting. I think I should be better at this by now :( but I keep telling myself, practice, hopefully, will make me better one day.

Squint your eyes to see the big circles, well, I actually see them better when I don't squint. See them? I keep thinking this design would be pretty cool with some of the white shaded in different colors to draw your eyes to those bigger interlocking circles. This is one Quiltmaker passed on for publication. I still like it.


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