Rest in Peace, Mom

She left this world and went out of our sight on May 4, 2017, yet on the same day, she approached the other side, where they were there to greet her.

My mom was only 17 when she married her handsome neighbor. He, 27, had just gotten back from serving in the Army during World War II. He often told the story of returning home to find the little girl across the street had turned into a beautiful young woman.

My mother was very talented. Early in the marriage she took a job at a Singer store. I believe it was in Camden, TN. She became such an accomplished seamstress that her manager let her use her work time to sew her own clothes. She demonstrated the machines as she made her own dresses.

She went on to make uniforms for the local high school majorettes, dresses and even hats for other clients, all her daughter's clothes, and a tuxedo for her son's prom.

When her oldest daughter started college, so did she. While working a full time job she went to classes two nights a week until she finished an associates degree, then went on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree..

She earned the credentials to be a public accountant and did taxes for many clients over the years, even into her 80's.

She was the inspiration for me to go back to college as an adult, and earn a B.S and Master's degrees.

I can't say that we were very close. I left home at 19, much like she did. I was an independent young person, much like her. But we have always lived fairly close so we would talk and visit pretty often.

In the end, I was the one who would manage her finances, pay her bills, get her things she needed. One of my brothers really helped a lot getting her to and from doctor visits. She was diagnosed with end stage heart failure three weeks before she died. I stayed with her at the assisted living facility for six nights administering her morphine. Counting breaths, not knowing when she would take her last. I'm thankful I was able to be there with her at the end. She was ready and told us so.

I am very thankful for her, and realize much of my smarts and creativity is from her DNA.

Thanks mom. I'm going to really miss you.

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