Back in the saddle!

I feel like I'm "back in the saddle again" as the old song says. Ever since Mom went into hospice care I've been, well, out of sorts. No sewing, hardly any running, was sick as a dog for two full weeks, Family here for several weeks. It has just been a rough season. I decided to go to our church quilting group tonight. I haven't been in months and it was just the motivation I needed. There were only a few ladies there but it was so nice to just chat while several worked on their projects. I've been itching to start something new but I just couldn't decide on what. One lady brought some donated fabric. In the stacks were several of these curtain panels.

Ever made a stack-n- whack or kaleidoscope quilt? Me, either, but I am now! A friend made one of these a few months ago and talked about how much fun it was. Why haven't I done this before, I don't know.. It really is fun. Who would have thought that fabric could look like this?

Any repeating print will work and I think a brightly printed stripe would do lovely as well. I messed up the first one, by not reading the instructions regarding how to sew the wedges together.....oh well. Some of us do that.

I just googled it and found a free pattern. I am not sure how many blocks I will be able to get out of this panel. The repeat is pretty wide, so I ended up just cutting oversize squares of the same repeat and then cutting them down using the Triangler ruler by Heather Peterson.

My plan is to cut the next ones a bit more conservatively and hopefully I'll have enough blocks to make a good size wall hanging or throw quilt. Now I also want to try them inverted, with the points out. The six sided one is another I want to try. This pattern uses eight wedge pieces and a triangle on the four corners to make a 9" block (I think??) Such fun. You could make them in different sizes too. Goodness, the possibilities are endless.

If you've made one of these, shoot me a picture via my email (Connect tab). I'd love to see it.


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