Kaleidoscope Quilt

This was a fast finish!

It finished out at about 32" square. I think it would be lovely for a kitchen or dining room because it looks like dishes.

It's hard to decide which "dish" I like the best.

They all turned out just beautiful, especially when I think of the originating fabric. I am amazed at some people's creativity to think of these things.

Pebbles were quilted in the black and a little design I found on the web, was done in the center of each dish.

This pattern has gotten me rather obsessed with the idea of making 6 and 8 sided blocks.

If I can part with it, it will be donated to our annual church auction to benefit the youth ministries. I hope someone else will love it as much as I do.

For now, I'm going to indulge my obsession with kaleidoscope blocks while I gently sway in the swing my Daddy made for me years ago. Thankful for the dad I had, on this father's day.

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