One Block Wonder

I am obsessed with this technique. Although from my research I can see that this technique doesn't always make stunning quilts but when they! The following is an image of Bruce Seeds' The Ring. I think I could spend hours just looking at this quilt. Please check out his incredible work at his website,

I've been contemplating on my next big project. Once I saw this, I knew. This is it. I ordered the recommended book (again, on his website) to learn the technique. Even emailed him with a couple of questions to which he so kindly and promptly responded. Enjoy a couple more of his works... This is Galactic.

And this one is titled, Life, the Universe, and Everything. These three are my favorites. Now to find fabric. One large scale print fabric is used for each quilt. He says the bigger the repeat, the better. The more I read and research I find it isn't easy picking out the right fabric to get these stunning quilts. On the web I found several "One Block Wonder FAILS" and many that were just "meh." If the repeat is too small the cut blocks won't look a lot different than the uncut fabric. Obviously Mr. Seeds has an artist's eye for picking fabric and arranging the blocks.

I found a resource that is amazing to help with the difficult task of picking the right fabric, You upload a photo of your fabric, enter the fabric width in the photo and it outlines the triangles as they would be cut and then, the program puts them together in hexagonsshowing you how they would look. You can arrange the hex's by color, in rows, or random. I found a couple of fabrics I thought would work for something similar to the Mr. Seed's Ring quilt. Here is the output of that little free tool!

If my quilt is going to look similar to his, I would need lots of darks for the outside and lights for the ring shape. I thought the above fabric might work, but after using the tool I think is doesn't have quite enough lights and seems a little darker than I prefer. I like the next one better. Lots of coral and blues but some nice greens, combos, and darks. These colors might look good in swirls similar to Mr. Seed's Galactic.

This is a Kona print and since they are now out of business I, most likely, won't be able to find it, but the tool allows you to see how any fabric would look using this technique for the blocks. it works great using my smart phone so I plan to use it in the store before I buy fabric. I snapped pictures of the fabric images off the computer and loaded them into the program for the above, However I didn't know the width of the fabric piece and I'd want to make sure I had that for the program before I ordered the 10-11 yards of fabric for my king size quilt.

So there you have it...a little education about One Block Wonder quilts. Stay tuned, I'm very excited to get started on this. I've got a few other smaller projects to do first. I plan to make a small crib or lap quilt out of some chevron material using this same technique with setting triangles.


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