Holiday Sewing

As everyone is gearing up for the 4th tomorrow, I've been happily sewing in my quilt studio. I purchased a colorful fall panel to use in my one block wonder quilt, and hopefully it will end up as beautiful as some of Bruce Seeds' quilts.

The colors are definitely fall but they are big shapes which should be perfect for this process..

Since I used panels, I layered six and pinned various places to make sure the pattern was aligned perfectly through all the layers. Then cut into 3 3/4" strips.

After cutting the strips, I cut the 60 degree triangles and stacked them up, ready to sew.

I think I've got about 70 hexagons made so far. I originally purchased 12 panels but ordered 6 more from the same bolt today. I want to have plenty. I am not sure I'll use all the plaid ones and I'd like to reduce the orange. I am hoping I'll have enough black and the other colors to make the design I've got in my head.

When making these, you don't sew them together, but pin the two sides together for your design wall. Once your design is settled, you sew them together in vertical strips. My little design wall filled up very fast, so I moved them to the floor. Definitely not convenient for the time it is going to take to make them all.

I saw on Pinterest where you can make a design wall by hanging a big piece of batting to a hanging rod. I have an extendable hanging rod already in the foyer, and buy batting by the bolt. So, that is the plan for a bigger design wall for this project. In the mean time I've stacked them in color groupings and will number them as I complete more. That should be helpful as I plan the design.

This is such a fun project. You never know what the blocks are going to look like. Each one is a surprise. I really want this quilt to be "wow!" and not just "meh."

I finished my scrappy wonky star quilt, attached a hanging sleeve, bound, and hung it! I was a little behind in my quilt labels so I made six and got them all sewn on. I use June Tailor's label fabric you run through a printer and I like to make at least two, preferably three at a time, so I don't waste any of the fabric.

So, I have been very busy this holiday weekend. Back to work on Wednesday, so the plan now is to get a lot more of these little hexagons made tonight and tomorrow..

What kind of sewing are you into for the holiday? Or do you take time off for cookouts, and family get togethers? We were invited to a friends' house tomorrow for lake time and a cookout, so I am getting the best of both worlds this weekend -- friends and sewing!

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