One Block Wonder Progress

July 16, 2017

I wanted to give a little update on my Kaleidoscope quilt, or One Block Wonder as some know it.  This is such a fun project although tedious at times.  The biggest problem I've had was with the layout was having a place big enough to lay it all out, as I discussed in my last post. Soooo, this is my version of Bruce Seeds' quilt named "The Ring," although I acknowledge mine isn't as incredibly artistic as his. I recognize I'm not as creative as many other quilters, but I'm happy with my abilities. And, hey, imitation is the highest form of flattery  :)


 And this is my progress thus far....

 14 of 26 rows sewn. Next will be sewing the rows together and adding the borders.  The best way for me to ensure I get the half hexes in the correct line up was to lay a sewn strip down in the floor, then sit and pin each half hex to the next one all the way down, any other way seemed too confusing and I was apt to make a mistake.


Maybe the next post will reveal a finished king size quilt!


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