My quilt finally has a name

After the incredible eclipse we witnessed this week, I finally thought of a name for my big one block wonder quilt --- Corona!! It does look like it, right?!?

Here is the real corona we experienced....

This photo was taken by my local dentist, but this is exactly what we saws at 2:32pm on Monday. It was truly amazing. Like a black hole in the sky. The sky turned dark, the crickets were chirping, and a beautiful 360 degree sunset was evident. Truly amazing. Did you know that this can only happen on Earth? There is no other planet in our solar system that has these total eclipses. The geek in me made a viewing box, even though we did have the glasses.

It worked!

More of the amazing photos my dentist took....

And one last one from NASA. Incredibly beautiful.

So, after I figured out a name for the quilt, I decided to do something crazy. I submitted the quilt to the Spring 2018 Paducah quilt show. Honestly, I'll be shocked if they accept it. I think of the phrase, Go Big or Go Home! I've never entered a quilt show anywhere, except once - our guild show. It's a long shot I know, but I am not afraid to fail. Who knows what will happen, if you don't try, of course nothing happens, but if you's possible. I had to get permission from Bruce Seeds since his The Ring was my inspiration. I made a new label giving Mr. Seeds acknowledgement and putting the required info on it.

Now, to find some local quilt shows to enter it in this fall.


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