More Hexagons

I think I've used up the rest of my hexagons on this table runner.

I had so many left overs, I made a small table topper/wall hanging and this table runner. I already have a beautiful fall leaf table runner so I wanted to give this one to a friend, I'm wary of giving 'decor' items to others as gifts. I know I am pretty picky about the decor I use in my house. I've had decor items given to me that, well, I just didn't like nor wanted to use, although I appreciated the thoughtfulness.

It is bright with some great fall colors to decorate a rectangular table.

I had a particular friend in mind, and almost didn't gift it. I was afraid she wouldn't like it. Got some advice from others that said to "give it!" Most people love fall decor, they said. So I did, and she loved it! Or at least she told me she did :)

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