New Block and Machine Review

Hi Friends. I have a new block in Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks magazine, soon to be out for sale.

As always, there are some unique and interesting blocks in the latest issue. Mine happens to be a little thing I put together using shirt scraps, called Shirt Circles.

When the blocks are sewn together it does make circles, I promise. I've made the quilt, but don't know yet if they are going to use it in their Quilts From 100 Blocks magazine. I thought it might be nice for some of the more frugal readers to see how to use shirt scraps to make an interesting quilt.

AND....I have a product review for you. When the hubby and I went to the Paducah quilt show, I purchased a new Janome sewing machine. It's one I've been looking at for a couple of years. My little Janome workhorse I've had since I started quilting in 2007 (Janome Gem Platinum) has made over 175 quilts and still in pretty good shape. Because it has been such a jewel, I decided to stay with the brand.

This new addition is the Janome 1600P QC. It is a mechanical machine, with metal parts. Simple and basic. Commercial quality, no cheap parts here. It is fast. Really fast.

  • High speed straight stitch-only

  • Speeds up to 1,600 stitches per minute

  • Industrial pretension threading / Built-in needle threader

  • Memorized needle up/down

  • Speed control slider

  • Automatic thread cutter

  • Adjustable knee lift

  • Independent bobbin winder motor

  • Extra high presser foot lift

  • Foot pressure adjustment by dial with indicator

  • Up to 11lbs. of presser foot pressure

  • Vertical full rotary, industrial hook bobbin

  • Maximum stitch length 6mm

  • Remote thread cutter operation compatible via socket

  • Industrial HLx5 needle

  • Highly responsive foot control

  • Vertical, two spool thread delivery

What I especially like is the thread cutter (use way less thread), and the speed. I also like that it is a heavy duty machine. I don't mind it doesn't do any fancy stitches; my little one does way more of those than I ever use. What I don't like, is the needle position isn't adjustable. The dealer threw in an attachment for all my other Janome feet, but guess what? They don't work. I did order a 1/4" foot but when attached, it seems the needle is just a tad to the left, rather than the center, making my seam just a bit more than the scant 1/4" normally used for quilting.

You can barely see it. With the needle down you can see that it isn't centered in the groove opening. So I'm having to figure out how to adjust it. I need it moved over just a teeny tiny bit. You think some kind of small washer to go under the setscrew would work?

Other than that I am very pleased with the machine. For now, it sits atop my sewing table, but when my upgraded table arrives, it will be recessed. I also got a good deal on it at the show. It isn't an expensive machine but was still $150-200 less than the best price I had found. I know many other makers who use Juki, Bernina, Brother, etc. I'm just a little loyal to Janome. What's you favorite brand of sewing machine?

I've also started a new scrap project. Sometimes you just gotta. In fact, I have so many scraps I was able to separate into two quilts worth - a 'boy' version with blues/greens/teals/grays and a 'girl' version of pinks/reds/yellows/oranges. Can't show them yet, but I am busily working.

My picture shows how I quilt..... :) I don't do perfect. I tend to press the seam the way it wants to go, then when putting the blocks together I turn whichever side to make it fit. I press the joins before I sew and it usually goes together easy.

Happy sewing!


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