November 14, 2017

Are you familiar with pantographs?  They are paper patterns you follow with a laser, attached to the back side of a long arm machine. It seems most long-armers are going in the direction of computer set up patterns.  I can understand why, they come out perfectly.  I'm not sure I'll ever upgrade to a computerized model, but I'd sure like to get better at following pantographs.

I did this pantograph, called "Marmalade" on a couple of matching quilts.  It's hard!  at least for me, it was. I had to keep telling myself constantly, keep your eyes an inch ahead.  Amazing , how much better I'd do if I keep my eyes ahead of the laser.  I also kept telling myself, it doesn't matter how much you get off the lines, these quilts are to be used by kids, they won't care.

 And isn't this just the sweetest backing fabric?  I bought it at our local quilt shop today.  I really love it.


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