Winter Quilting

What are you doing for your winter quilting projects? I'm cutting back a bit so we can get our construction project going, but I do have one project I hope to finish before we actually break ground. It promises to be a unique project. If it turns out well, it is supposed to be in a late fall magazine issue. I feel like they took a chance on me and this project so I'm keeping my fingers crossed they will like it when it is completed. Here is a little sneak peak.

Maybe you can guess the process I am using??

I'm giving myself a goal of having it done by the first weekend in March. When finished, I plan to start a memory quilt. It's been over a year since I made one, and although it saddens me for the widow, I hope this will bring her much joy. Her heart is broken. I want it to be special. I've not begun to think about possible layouts. You have any suggestions? If so, please send them on.

Well, today I'm in route to Edinburgh, Scotland to see my two grandchildren. We have a birthday celebration tomorrow for a special four year old. It's a treat to see them in person, even though we FaceTime a couple of times a week. That just isn't the same as hugging and kissing them in person.

Wrap your loved ones in hugs and quilts!


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