Remembrance Quilt Delivered

The quilt is finished and delivered. My husband went with me to deliver it. He enjoys getting to experience the joy (and tears) these quilts bring.

If you've never done one of these, I would encourage you to give it a try. Shirts aren't difficult to cut up into 2" strips and there is an abundance of patterns that use strips.

For this quilt, I sorted the shirts into lights and darks and used a pattern called Nova from a book I had.

It made a good sized lap quilt, about 64" x 72". I added a label to the backing with a picture the couple and the important dates, dedication, favorite verse, and of course place, date, and maker.

I used a pantograph for the quilting. Making a memory quilt for a widow is something I cherish. They always bring tears, but comfort as well. The sweet lady this went to, was so appreciative and wrapped up in it while we chatted. She said she would be sleeping with it tonight. Sometimes it takes a while before the widow/survivor is ready to part with the shirts, and sometimes I've offered but the recipient didn't desire a quilt. I think it can be difficult to give up the shirts for some. I only make these for people I know, because it is a sacrifice of time and effort, and I would never charge for it. It is my gift to them to extend their memories of their loved one. I am so very thankful that I can use my gift in this way.

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