A little media attention, a quilt, and some chalk painting

A few weeks ago someone from WBIR's Live at Five at Four show came to our home to interview me about visiting my granddaughter in Scotland, where she met Prince Harry. While they were here, my abundance of quilts was noticed, and she asked me if she could do an interview about me and my quilts. I agreed and it aired last Tuesday. In case you are interested you can find it at https://www.wbir.com/article/news/local/sewn-with-love-kingston-womans-quilts-help-recipients-honor-loved-ones/51-565945649

I finished my one block wonder made from the panels I purchased at Handcock's in April. I had some tension problems, but corrected it (after 2 rows!!) and continued on. I am busily working on some other projects so I'll go back and take it out and re-quilt those rows at a later date. Don't you just hate it when that happens?

I feel like the quilting was some of my best custom work. I finally figured out how to make continuous curves using a round ruler.

My next few projects are not quilting, but I'd like to share them anyway. We are moving later this year, maybe early 2019, and wanting to refresh some of my furniture I've learned to chalk paint. Here is the mis-matched dining room pieces I plan to paint. I know some people cringe at the thought of painting 'good wood.' The farm table top is a thin veneer over pressed fiber board, so I don't feel too bad about painting it. The table -- what was I thinking getting black?

The chairs are not antiques, but reproductions made in China. I've had them for about 20 years. The table about 8 years. The buffet is an antique but the veneer is cracked and split in a few places.

The chairs are finished - chalk painted, distressed, with a polycrylic finish.

Very happy with the way they turned out. I put three coats of chalk paint on the table last night. Still need to do some touch ups and put the top finish coat on. I'm going to use the polycrylic, other than wax, because, from what I've read, it is better for wiping spills.

Again, love it! Can't wait to see the final results. I plan on doing the buffet also, but at this point not sure if it will be white or a medium gray.

Update 6/24 am: Finished the table and chairs.

I'm taking a little break from quilting to get these furniture projects done. If you are interested in those, stop by or check out my family blog, where I'll be sure to post pics. www.rachelmhblog.blogspot.com


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