Back in the Saddle Again

Or I should say, I'm back to sewing again. We have moved, unpacked, are fairly organized, sold our old home, and I am ready to sew again. I need a gift quilt in a few months, so I evaluated my stash and some patterns. I had a lot of greens and blues, so I decided to make another Edinburgh Square (my first published quilt!) but this time I am using lots of different batiks.

I pulled out the magazine to refresh my memory of the pattern.

The new quilt studio has such great light.

Here is what I have done so far. I'm just putting the strips together as I go along. No real rhyme or reason. If it doesn't seem appropriate for the gift I have in mine, I told my husband we would have a new St. Patrick's Day quilt. And check out that awesome design wall. It was made from two 4x8 sheets of insulation board with a flannel sheet attached.

I had to get Lowes to cut the boards in half in order to get them in my car. Then at home after taping them back together, it still seemed too big. I ended up cutting a foot off the length and height.

Although I've not been sewing, I have been a busy girl. I made two of these ironing boards. One for the sewing room and another for our laundry room. We don't iron clothes very much and the laundry didn't have enough room for a full size ironing board.

The quilting studio is organized and ready to sew.

And this! I saved the best for last. One of my quilts was published in Pre-Cut Patchwork magazine :)

I hope you have enjoyed this beautiful, but windy, Saturday. I am ending it in our porch swing, with a quilt, of course.


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