Idyllic Quilt

Looking for a pattern for a gift quilt I stumbled across this one by Corey Yoder.

I decided making it from scraps would be what I wanted to do, and not the colors suggested by the recipient of the gift quilt. Yeah, really, who asks the recipients what colors they want in their quilt?? Anyway, I decided to make it for us. From scraps. My favorite kind of quilt.

I tend to get a little obsessive when I am really into a project and had all the blocks made in two weekend manic sewing sessions.

It will have a 2" sashing around each of the 14" blocks. I may need to add another 2" border on the top/bottom to fit our king size bed, but that will be fine. Stay tuned for the finish.

I do have other projects I'm working on, for a couple of 2020 magazines, but can't show that work yet. Still have the wedding gift quilt, and another gift quilt I need to make before Christmas. So it's busy, busy, busy around here. It's all good. So very thankful I have such a great sewing space now.

What projects are you working on?


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