Cross and Crown Quilt

There is a story behind this quilt. With not so much of a good ending. This was supposed to be a wedding gift for my nephew. I asked them what colors they liked and his fiancé supplied a picture of some soft greens and blues. I managed to find a fat quarter pack in some soft colors and decided on this free pattern by Sandra Clemons I found online. I'm not gonna lie, this pattern was very time consuming. Before it was finished, the wedding was off. I didn't want to hang onto it since she picked the colors. So now, I'm trying to decide what to do with it -- sell it? donate it to our fall church auction? or gift it to a friend. The one I promised last year to make a quilt for her family.

I agree it is very pretty. The fabric line is from Lella Boutique. I was very happy with the pantograph I used for the quilting. Second time using this one, called Feather Me.

My plan was to follow the tradition of my grandmother when she gifted my brother and his new wife a quilt years ago. In her words, "Now if you two break up, HE gets the quilt!" When my nephew does find the right woman to marry one day, I'll make him another one.

So, off to find or create another pattern and start a new quilt. I've been sorting my scraps into lights and darks and have some ideas floating around.

Happy quilting!


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