New Projects

I've been without a project for a while but am excited to have two new ones to work on. First is a remembrance quilt. I haven't made one in over a year so I am thankful for the opportunity to help bring someone comfort in their loss. This one is made from the shirts of a dear son who passed away a few weeks ago. He had various health issues and was never able to work, so his parents cared for him all of his life. He was much loved for his positive outlook and he was able to travel with his parents and other family members on many trips. I can't imagine their heartbreak.

And the second project is two Christmas throws for the twin beds. I am using "Little Tree" fabric by Lella Boutique. I love the colors and prints. I plan to use the post card pattern called Cloud Nine. These two should go together quickly.

Our little twin bedroom is my favorite room in our new home. Why? because it is the room my grandchildren will sleep in one day, I hope. They are still living in the UK but hope to be back in the states next year. When we FaceTime, we tell them it is "their room." I like to decorate the beds for each season with different quilts.

I often go in this little room and just you decorate with quilts?

Happy quilting,


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