Let's Do Our Part

I'm really proud of the makers in our quilting community. So many are making masks. Our church quilting group is making some for the Children's hospital in Knoxville. They said they could always use more. I made several for those in my community. Here are some of the reasons people you know may need to be wearing a mask when they have to get out:

- heart condition, obesity, diabetes

- elderly and frail (some still have to get out to doctor's appointments such as chemo, iron injections, etc.)

- X Ray technician who has no masks (already been exposed to the virus)

- Pregnant doctor who works in the X Ray department (again, they have no masks)

- Recent surgery (may have to get out for doctor appointments)

- Those with compromised immune systems

- Those who care for the elderly

This is just to name a few. These masks are hospital approved but there is no guarantee they will keep you safe like the N95 masks they typically use in hospitals. But if you have nothing, this is better than that. I used a really simple pattern put out by Deaconess Hospital in Indiana.

I used some elastic headbands for some...

Then a friend donated some elastic for me to use.

Once I ran out of elastic I started making simple fabric ties for the masks. These seem to provide for a better fit.

If you want to get in on it, look up the pattern mentioned above or google Facemasks. There are plenty of patterns out there. Let's do our part to help protect those in our communities who need protecting, and those out there courageously battling this virus.


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