How are you spending your time during the pandemic?

This pandemic has changed all of our lives. Are you staying at home? or working? I'm at home, and am only able to do a very small amount of work via home computer. I miss that part of my life. I have plenty of hobbies but I miss my routine.

So, to keep busy.......

I'm still doing some rock painting, merging hobbies. Thought it would be neat to try to do some quilt blocks on rocks. Did a few others and even included one to hide locally in our rock club to remind us of what we have to do during this time.

Started a new scrap quilt, which I plan to call "Quarantine," appropriately. No pattern, just tried to make something that uses lots of small scraps. With all the tiny pieces, it has taken forever to make. Or at least it seems like forever.

And of course, I've been making masks, which I'm sure all of you makers have done as well. These were for the local police department.

So, tell me what you've been spending your time doing? Are you enjoying this time or is it stressful for you? I imagine it is stressful for most of us. Let's keep hopeful and look to our Father in heaven for peace during this time.

God Bless,


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