How to make mask ties

I know many of you are making masks. The requests for them can get overwhelming in a short time, so be sure and give yourself a break sometimes. When I've gotten overwhelmed with making them, I've directed people to to buy them or to videos on how to make them. There are even several no-sew methods. However, when you run out of elastic (and if you haven't already, you probably will) you will need to make ties. For my masks, I've used the 3 layer method of 6' x 9" rectangles with two tucks. The middle layer is polypropylene, the washable material used in recyclable grocery bags (also sold as Smart Fab), then I use a layer of flannel next to the face.

For the ties, I cut a strip 1 1/2" by WOF, and after pressing, cut them 18-19" for each of the four ties, sewn in the corners.

Here is a super easy method for making those ties. It speeds up the process and eliminates all those burned fingers from trying to iron those little folds.

I was unable to post the video here, but it is on my personal facebook page if you'd like to see it. Below is a picture. Pin two large paperclips to your wool mat or ironing surface, press the fabric end inward 1/4" then press the two horizontal sides inward. Feed through each of the paperclips. Put your iron in between, pull it through with your right hand and guide the folds with your left hand. Wallah! Binding made, easy peasy. Game changer!

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