Quarantine 2

I submitted Quarantine 1 scrap quilt to the magazines and haven't heard if they want to use it or not, so I am not at liberty to show it yet. However, I can show this one. This is the most complex paper pieced quilt I've ever attempted. I am loving it so much, I decided to hang it in the sewing room before I put it on a bed. I used Bonnie Hunter's paper pieced pattern, Wild and Goosey, but I put it in a different setting. One I saw someone else use.

I used a pantograph called Plummage, on overall feathery pantograph.

After making this one, I believe I'd like to try another paper pieced pattern. I'll just have to convince myself not to be so obsessive about finishing it. I made this top in two weeks but I worked on it like a full time job, many hours every day. I was not working so I had the time. But wow, the finished product is amazing. Thankful I had the time to spend on it.

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